Electric Simmer Pots

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Looking for a gift for someone who likes the smell of scented candles but can not burn candles? Scent your room in an instant using an electric simmer pot. No flame to worry about. Wonderful fragrance without a flame. Electric tart burners electric potpourri burners, crock pot tart melters, electric tart warmers, and plug-in wax warmers are interchangeable names, they mean the same thing that is they warm the candle wax chips without using the traditional tea light candle. Some styles use light bulbs to heat up the wax, others are use a hot plate warming surface. The idea is all the same, the wax chips get heated up and release scent into the room. Melt any type of scented wax. or use them to warm potpourri, or scented aroma oils.

These “flameless” candle warmers are perfect for any environment where an open flame is not allowed. These electric tart burners work great in schools, offices, nursing homes, dorm rooms, homes with small children and/or pets, just about anywhere where a candle flame is not a good idea. Also great for people with “candle phobia.”                      

  • No flame
  • No Soot
  • Produces wonderfully strong aroma
  • Long lasting fragrance from your tarts or potpourri or oils
  • Safe enough to forget it’s on

crock pot for wax chips

simmer potpourri and wax melts

potpourri simmering pot
light bulb tart melter

warming plate tart burner halogen bulb

glass halogen scented oil warming

40 watt tart warmer

scented oil warmers

posies electrim simmer pot

warming plate heats the wax

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Light bulb wax warmers use either a 25, 30, or 40 watt light bulb to heat the wax. The bulbs are easily changeable and readily available at your local hardware store. The higher watt light bulb will create a stronger aroma however the aroma won’t last as long. It is only a matter of personal preference on what wattage light bulb to use.

Crock pot or hot plate warmers use a warming surface to heat the wax. The unit is sealed and can not be fixed if it stops working however during it’s lifetime it requires no maintenance other than cleaning.

Both styles keep the wax warming at a steady temperature, preventing overheating or burning the wax.

All of the electric wax warmers we sell have the highest quality UL approved heating elements and are the most detailed glazed ceramic/stoneware you will find.

Each unit is an extra capacity melter, holding at least 4 ounces and most hold up to 8 ounces plus they each have a 4 1/2 - 5 foot cord with an on/off switch, light indicator, and come boxed with instructions for easy gift-giving.

Electric Tart Melters Save You Money Too

Never be “burned” by those cheap candles again, simply by being able to use all your leftover candle wax. You know those candles that didn’t burn all the way down or candles that finished before the wax was all used up? Put any scented wax in your electric tart burner until the fragrance is used up! Then toss it, and at least you got your money’s worth out of the scent!

Buy electric simmer pots and electric wax warmers and electric tart burners here.

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